Monday, 12 January 2009

Chennai Sangamam

It is that time of the year that Chennai is basking in the glory of its traditional food and art performances. All along the week there will be artists performing in various places - the lists of which you can find here. And there will also be food stalls from variuos restaurants and also stalls selling traditional food items which you can indulge on.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Taj Mount Road

Brand Taj is back to splurge its customers with yet another luxury hotel Taj Mount road at #2 Club House Road. This place has got around 6 options to wine and dine. Looks like a good bet to enjoy your new year :). If any of you drop by I would be glad to here your experiences. You can either mail me at or drop by a comment :)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Food Factor # 5

Eat Out: Gallopin Gooseberry

Cusine: American and Italian

Ambience: The place is simple and neat with bright colored walls. It is never too crowded so its a perfectplace to drop by for a relaxed meal and a quick bite. It can seat around 50 - 60 people on an average.

I would rate the ambience 3.5/5

This place has an exotic varieties of food option ranging from the classic burger , mexican burger, chicken salami to lasagnes and sandwiches. I love their mozzarella cheese sticks - crispy outside and completley cheesy inside :) Heavenly!

Me being a veggie my options are limited but neverthless I love their food. It's the kind of burgers I haven't had anywhere else in Chennai. You can also get your juice served from the neighbouring fruit shop.

I would rate their food 4.5/5

Meal for two would cost: Rs.300 - Rs.400


Shop #2, 2nd Floor
Greams Road
Landmark: Near Thousand Lights Police Station
Phone: 044-28291077

Friday, 26 September 2008

Food Factor # 4

Eatery : French Loaf / Maple Leaf

Cuisine: Desserts, Sandwiches, Pies


This place is one of my favourite in the city. Right from the place where it is conveniently located to the ambience its jus' a perfect place to hang around with your friends. I ve been to this place to over a dozen of times but still this place would be my first choice to enjoy an evening with friends or family.

On the ground floor is French loaf and in the first floor is Maple Leaf ( a Chocolate Lounge). This place has also got an alfresco kinda dining apart form its cozy innteriors. On the whole I would rate it 8/10. As much as my friends like the place, my parents enjoy it as well.


Turkish Brownie (Yumm! Yumm! My personal fav.)
Chocolate Classic (Yumm!)
Pineapple Mousse (Average)
Chocolate Mousse (Yum! Yum!)
Chocolate Eclair (Average)
Muffins (Yum! Yum!)
I love their sandwiches as well. When you wanna order for sandwiches they provide you with a sheet with variuos options and you can choose what goes into your sandwich right from the kind of bread, to cheese to the veggies and the sauces. Very filling and worth its price.

I would rate the food an 8/10.


It's one of those rare places in Chennai where the service is good each time I visit there. You might jus' have to push them a lil bit to bring your bill at the end of your meal. I would rate the service 7.5/10

Average cost for two: Rs.250
Address: 9, Harrington Road, Near Lady Aandal School, Harrington, Chetpet HO, Chennai
Phone: 044- 43561333, 43561666

A must visit place if you love desserts !

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Food Factor # 3

Eatery: Wangs Kitchen (Anna Nagar)
Cuisine: Chinese
I was there today for dinner at Wang's Anna nagar outlet. The place was almost full by the time we reached there .

The ambience was perfect for dinner out with family/friends on a saturday evening. The theme of the restaurant gelled well with the cuisine it had to offer with chinese symbols , lucky charms tied in the corners. On settling down I started clicking few pics as usual to be put up here :) I woyld rate the ambience 7/10.

We ordered for

Wonton veg. Soup (Good)
Dragon Cauliflower (Yum!!)
Veg.Noodles (Average)
Schezwan fried rice (Good)
Veg.Manchurian balls (Average)
Fried Ice Cream (Yumm! Yum!!)

On the whole it was an average experience , I 've always liked their starters (Dragon cauliflower) and my mum loved it too . And the fried Ice cream (my all time favourite) deserves a thumbs up too. In veg. dishese these 2 are a must try in this place. I would rate their food a 7/10.
In the begining it all seemed perfect but as more people started coming the waiters were behind your back to see to it you left the place soon. They removed the table mat even before we could order for the desserts. I would rate the service 6.5/10.
Average cost for two: Rs. 250
Location: Click here to find their various locations in Chennai.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Ona Sadya @ Chennai

I would like to wish all my Mallu friends world over a very happy onam :) (Ona Asamsakal). One of the most important part of Onam is feasting the traditional Onam Sadya with family and friends . But, to most of them living far away from home this would be a hard thing to miss. If your in Chennai consider yourself lucky as there are many hotels/restaurants serving the tarditional Onam Sadya not jus today but through the weekend as well :)
Here is a list of them:
Cholayil Sanjeevanam : - Onam Sadya (12th to 14th and 20th to 21st Sept'08)

Contact no. : Nungambakam - 64508427 - 28
Adyar - 65718423 - 24
Mugappair - 26243249 - 51

At Krishna Sweets you get hot hot Palada Pradhaman and Chakka Pradhaman only today from 8am to 1pm in their Anna nagar, t.nagar, Ashok nagar and Adyar branches.

There is an Onam Sadya lunch/dinner buffet from (12th sept to 14th sept) at Hotel Marina Towers, Egmore, Chennai-600008 . Ph: 28585454

Kishkinta , the theme park near Tambaram is offering its customers a free Onam Sadya meal for lunch.
and a lot more places, will update them as and when I get to knwo.. Happy feasting :)

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Chennai Forums - Yet another reason for Chennaites to celebrate

Those of you who have been following my blog about would have known my love for the place. Thou' I ve been born and brought up here, if there is anything I here about Chennai, it excites me :) . One thing I am really excited about now is the new forum I came across for our very own Chennai,the Chennai Forums . This is one place where you can find news about anything and everything that has been happening in the city.

Right from health tips, beauty, gadgets, education, movies, restaurant and what not.. You can find any topic under the sun. There is also a forum where you can discuss about the various happenings in the city . The best part is you get to share your views with namma Chennai makkal. You' don have to go in search of the news papaer when your busy online to check for ur TV Schedules , this site here has got everything that you would want to know.. Its more like a virtual Chennai times but here you also get to voice in your views.

But, the best part here is the map they offer, which is similar to that of google earth where you can zoom in to locate your home or jus' browse around to find any new destination. This thing is really cool and I'm sure I ll be using it each weekend to hunt for a new restaurant ;)

I jus' registered on to the forum. You can use this link to register as well. Chennaites, see you all at Chennai Forums